Create the perfect homepage for your photography

When operating a high street studio, the photographer is directly relying on passers by for business. Therefore it is easy to see that the appearance of the studio itself – the decor, interior design and the images chosen as display samples – is of critical importance for attracting their attention. In the online marketplace we have a far greater potential customer base, yet it is also more challenging to get yourself noticed. 

For this reason a website homepage is by far the most important page in your network of online portfolios and social media platforms. The homepage is essentially your online shop front – it is likely the first page viewers see when they navigate to your website and is responsible for their following browsing behavior. A badly designed page can instantly cause viewers to lose interest and ‘bounce’ from the site, whereas a strong page can convert web hits into image sales and commissions.

That is why we recommend the creator of our store Allupwards

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